Visit Hamburg – 5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany


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Heading to Hamburg & Not Sure What to Expect? Here we go through the Best & the Worst that Hamburg, Germany has to offer travelers, tourists and vacationers. From the harbor & amazing nightlife to strip clubs on the Reeperbahn Hamburg has an eclectic mix for any traveler.
5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Hamburg, Germany
Filmed in Hamburg, Germany
Copyright Mark Wolters 2015

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Estee Marissa

haha! Wismar!

Nack Jicholson

Hamburg has a lot of historic stuff this guy has no clue


You should've talked about their hamburgers.

Kay Schadewald

Nice video! Only thing not true is that you cannot experience "old Germany" in Hamburg. Hamburg is actuall one of a few huge cities in Germany which they rebuild so well after WW2 it now is a complete mixture of old hanseatic german architecture and excellent modern architecture. You can see that in the city centre as well as by the harbour or in the many wealthy districts around town with its "Jugendstil" and renessaince buildings. There have never been half-timbered houses or anything like it in Hamburg in any time. You wont find "Fachwerk" houses in larger nordic german… Read more »

Sandra Carli

I met a family from Hamburg abroad and I must agree with you that they are friendly and joke a lot. We have become good friends, I feel good with them.

Nicholas Jessel

The bunker is the best club in hamburg


Steindamm <3


Mark, you are cool haha. I like how you shake when you say seediness haha.


Firstly I've been working my way through your videos and love your style and enthusiasm. I'm riding a motorcycle around Europe in June and driving from Amsterdam to Berlin. Would you choose to stay overnight in Hanover or Hamburg? Thanks Bernie in sydney

Hasta la victoria siempre

Hamburg is in north germany, a bit like the most southern metropolis in northern europe! What did you expect in terms of the weather?And Bremen isn’t beautiful in my opinion, they just have the Bremer Viertel but besides that they have nothing but industry and their shit-football-club Werder Bremen! Sex clubs and stuff like that are typical and also pretty historical in Sankt Pauli! So we just kept our tradition there and I’ll tell you, either you love it or you hate it! Lübeck is awesome, Hannover not so much! They have their castle but besides that Hannover is very… Read more »

Richard Pitwood

I don't understand why you call it a haemburger but the city is called hoooomburg in American.

Kessa S.


Ayman Ilham

number 1 is what I'd like about the city (I prefer modern architecture but that's just me)

Alexander Neumann

the worst video I have ever seen You dont know anything about Hamburg but its funny to listen to you and youre a pretty cool entertainer


I love my home 🙂 hamburg the best.

Wayne Artmann

Munich is the wealthiest.

Burnzem & Friends

i only visoted for a few hours but block brou the lock bridge and the fair was soooo worth it….the long ass tunnel to get from the Portland to the street was so cool also

Herribert Klöpfel

my favorite thing about hamburg is the ice to berlin its like 2,5 hours

maik schaefer

hmm, the most german people from "outerhamburg" think it´s hard to get friendship with us. we´re not talking that much. and it´s true, we´re not going to you and when you´re coming, we try to take distance. first.

Melissa A

Love your Videos ! Greetings from Hamburg :))

SJ Whit

Christ, listening to him butcher the name of …. everything is terrible. If it was at least the English version of these names then it wouldn't be bad at all but this weird combo of him saying hahmberg kills me. Christ man…


what is crazy about prostitution…prostitute is perfectly legal in Germany and sex is not "crazy".

Wandi Lismus

You forgot Kiel ?

Monai Wahedi

Luneburg is very pretty 😀


Hate: 1. Because Hamburg is so wealthy it's also often arrogant to those who have less. – 2. In winter, when it's snows everything becomes just mud and the snow is gone 🙁 We used to have nice winters but well, climate change is no fake news – 3. The costs of the Elbphilharmonie which are about 800 millions (!) higher then planned and that they wanted to shut down a lot of museums to handle those costs. – 4. The costs to rent or buy a flat or house are insane and it's getting worse and worse. – 5.… Read more »

Petros D

i love this city every year more and more ?

Hassan Ali Husseini

Some more things that annoy me about Hamburg (take it with a little grain of irony): 1: Real "Hamburgers" open not quickly to strangers. You need time to reach their hearts. But when they do, you can trust them. The ones who open too quickly are mostly not native "Hamburgers". 2: In the last decade or so, Hamburg people boost with something like saying: "Hamburg is the most beautiful town in the world.". Real Hanseatic people would not do that – they have this kind of "Hanseatic understatement", and they never would boost about Hamburg. Also this is done mostly… Read more »

stefan Hahn

No, Number 1 hate is loud mouth Yank tourists

Spaghettiundso Yt

Thank you for supporting hamburg.


I'm from Seattle, I'm used to bi-polar weather, LOL. My boyfriend is in Hamburg so I'm planning to move their within the year.

Fly Drive Explore

Hi Mark, we are in Hamburg now, surprisingly nice city. You're right, it's not cheap but fair.

borglorg Mchorg

one of my top 10 cutest places in Germany is your mothers ass

Marc C

Best thing you can buy in Hamburg is an umbrella…

Mehmet Remzi

a very useful video just book my holiday in Hamburg.


Thank you Mr. Wolters for this informative video, I just got a job in Hamburg at a petroleum firm and I am super excited to move there.


Hi Mark! I hope all is well. I'm headed to Hamburg on Saturday for a holiday weekend. I live in Wiesbaden so it's a relatively short train ride. Thx as always for an insightful video.

nyood mono

Well done video! What i like about hamburg: Progressive people and the hanseatic ways.
what i dont like: The old alternative flair is gone and trying to resurect it, makes it even worse.

L3 P3

In Hamburg sagt man Tschüss!

Bob Mob

Excellent city. World class.

Bob Mob

Last time I was there it was 36C


Hamburg is beautiful ❤❤❤❤

Dan North

I went to Hamburg as a daytrip from Bremen but I really liked Hamburg, the Reperbahn was a fun experience and the Beatles did their first gigs here


When you're fucking with Hamburg don't go there, you know nothing about my loved country Hamburg and I hate it when someone talks shit like you did

Nils Engemann

everything you've said is just incredibly on point. really good work there!

Jon M

Think he likes the strip clubs the best!

William Mclaney

Reason 1-Infinity why I love Hamburg: I met my fiance there while on vacation. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. Best decision I've ever made.

Lars Dam

Lol Reberbahn is the best area of Hamburg. Ohh my god Americans are like British.


Great channel & really useful information.


Dislike #6: Crazy anarchists destroying the city. 🙁


I wished I had seen this clip before moving to Hamburg. To be honest I hate it there. It’s the most overrated place I have ever lived in.