Frankfurt am Main – Stephi’s Adventures


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A day with me in the city of frankfurt!
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Love stephi


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Backwoods Hoosier

You ladies are so easy gorgeous ?


Best of all, two beautiful girls…… 😉


Niche…. How about Seneca or Sorin Kierkegaard… try.


To Truth,Beauty and Goodness


damek khafif….دمك خفيف

Matt g

dirty city tramps everywhere horrible

David Bacon

be fashionista, but ALWAYS carry 10 or 20-lbs. of rice(?) on your back! modern cosmopolitan life is NOT healthy!…………… wow!!!!!!!!!!!! carry 20-lbs. ALPINE DIRT on your back from Austria! river rocks?! river water?!….. sometimes, a friend of mine brings me jugs of RUSSIAN RIVER water from Guerneville/Rio Nido down to the (San Francisco) Bay Area. i sprinkle it on special spots around town……………. are you nuts?! i NEVER carry that stuff on my back, cuz i'm too busy pushing over 100-lbs. of my HOMELESS crap in my bicycle-cart!….. :-0

Mauricio Grimaldi

hey tell mARIA that look nice!

Daniel Kaehler

Danke, it was funny to see some one VLOG in my city! 🙂


You should come and see the beautiful sights all over Newfoundland Canada were I live it beautiful here.


have you ever been of putting sutch lock  for someone..? 9:28

jukung kendang

I'm falling in love, :v
your crazy fad, style, hobby,
I love it, :*

mathamore dan

Beautyful eyes !!!

Craig Wilcox

Thanks for the peek at your life outside the bush. Couple of beautiful young ladies enjoying the big city. I do greatly prefer the outdoors, and appreciate you sharing your outdoor experiences. You do seem more comfortable away from the crowds and noise, much like me. I've lived in and near several very large cities, both here in the USA and abroad, and have found that I really appreciate more the small towns and outdoors.


Where are all the new migrants? Not there apparently…but somewhere no doubt.


Been there wish I was there too……very nice, fun!




John Raschedian

I think I have watched all of your videos. They're all very good!

Garundi P. McGrundy

Yeah. i see all the Muslins! Chit!


lovely city thanks!

ken watson

I love Frankfurt. Do you know Gelnhausen?

Stephen Esler

you can tell alot about a person by the company they keep I think you two girls a lovely young ladies

Stephen Esler

butt I could be wrong

Stephen Esler

my ancestors came from Germany a long time ago I shall return someday

Gnarly Sam

I remember going to frankfurter and she went to some of the places i went to

Bertie Pimplebum

Hello, Have you ever visited Birmingham, England? If you come you must bring Marie & Lilly.

Günther mikolka

Afoch nur liab

Wasteland Gypsy

Fucking Rothchilds.

Joe surfer

I am going to ask the question the rest of the world is thinking :When are you going to arm your selves and form a militia and kick down Angela Merkels door and hang that piece of crap from the nearest tree?

Joe surfer

It is awesome to see all of the artist on the street. I paint on the street (at the beach in florida) and sell watercolor fine art for a living and I can relate to them. I really like the guy with the fiddle and no shoes. It reminds me of people who watch me paint and they act like artist are rock stars or something. They buy paintings and carry them like they are gold. His Music was beautiful.

Joe surfer

Your city looks like a Tim Wilmot painting.

Curtis Newton

so you girls are butt bodies ? lol

Ricardo Takashi Yamamoto

thanks for the trip to Frankfurt!

Vizh Zschow

Immer und überall flirten Frankfurt ist eine sehr kleine Stadt!Der verrückte Stefan Neureiter ist bemüht – Pickup falsch übersetzt nach Deutsch – zu machen. Er fertigt daher dauernd schlechte Eingaben an.Er lässt anfertigen Frankfurt ist eine sehr große Stadt. Frankfurt ist ein hunderttausendstel so groß wie Berlin oder Hälfte davon wie Köln! Frankfurt wird dann künstlich sehr groß gemacht durch Terrorattacken wie das Soundtape-System von Zens, Schmidt, Neureiter!Ihr Hurensöhne aus Frankfurt ich bin bereit euch alle zu töten! Und am Ende kennt ihr die Regel nicht ihr werdet alle im Gefängnis schmoren Jahrmillion mit eurem Neureiter bye! Stefan Neureiter is… Read more »

wont believe

nope. want to see more of you. or you could do turns where keep the friend from dyeing as you film. lol. no offense other girl.

Harold Hedge

Hello from Illinois Stephanie. Keep those videos coming! Yap

both of you are nice!

تنویر گجر

your teeth look like bad

Persik II

Maria has a perfect lips for blowjob no offense

Christopher Ellis

Frankfort is the birthplace of Jacob Philip, father of Arthur, First Governor of New South Wales, who later became a full Admiral RN. Died in Bath, 1814.

Robert Kawalec

Steffi – you are great ! I had a lot of fun watching this video 😉

Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things

You are a wonderful tour guide. Thank you for sharing!

Tamba Mbawa

rubs butt cheek

Dicky Fisher

Oh Man ya got me goin' my Army days. Drinkn Bier n that stuff from Wolfenbutel that tasted like Vicks formula 44!.

B Steele

I really enjoyed your tour of Frankfurt.  Thanks Stephanie.


You two are so much fun. I hope I can afford to go to Germany some day. Robby


Awesome vlog!! At 8:18 there is a building with an EU flag, german flag and what looks like a polish flag with a polish white eagle, just wondering what that building is used for and why those 3 flags are there? Im polish so Im curious…hehe

Michael Walter

I was in Frankfurt just before you. 🙂 Stayed at a hotel across from the Baunhauf

Megan Burcke

I was stationed (USAF) in Frankfurt/M for nine years, and loved it…the city is really an amazing place. We used to call it "San Francisco on the Main" because you're liable to see anyone and anything around there. Really liked the night life and bars in the Sachsenhausen area. Glad to see that the Alte Oper is back in operation; it wasn't quite finished when I left. Great vid!

Keith Oleniacz

Thanks the was terrific, very nice, clean, loved the opera house beautiful architecture.