Growth is the ongoing trend in tourism in Frankfurt am Main – and this for the ninth consecutive year. The first half of 2018 ends with considerable growth. "From January to June 2018, 4.9 million overnight stays were generated; that is 7.25 percent more than in the same period last year. With 2.8 million overnight visitors, the number of visitors increased by 5.9 percent, "said Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann, who is also Chairman of the Board of Tourism + Congress GmbH (TCF).

By far the strongest month of the first half was June with 936,739 overnight stays (+12.9 percent) and 544,126 overnight guests (+9.4 percent). The number of tourist accommodation increased by 15 new facilities to 289. The number of beds increased to 53,039 (+5.3 percent). Hotels' bed occupancy rose slightly to 50.7 percent, which corresponds to an average occupancy rate of about 70 percent. The average length of stay is stable at 1.7 days with a slight upward trend. In terms of overnight stays, Frankfurt still occupies fourth place behind Berlin , Munich and Hamburg in the German city comparison.

Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann was pleased: "Frankfurt am Main is a city full of dynamism. Always on the move, always changing. The ever-growing numbers of business travelers, but increasingly more and more private travelers, show that the city's many efforts, especially the TCF, are bearing fruit. The New Old Town, for example, is already enthusiastically received by visitors ". Thomas Feda, TCF CEO, added: "Frankfurt is a trendy destination. The city is cosmopolitan, lively, has a wide cultural offer, versatile shopping opportunities and invites you to always discover something new ".

Particularly pleasing is the development of the number of visitors who arrived from the inland. Nearly 1.6 million overnight guests (+6.3 percent) came to Frankfurt from them; Overnight stays increased to 2.7 million (+5.8 percent).

With 1.2 million overnight guests (+5.3 percent), foreign countries also contributed to the positive balance and exceeded the two million mark in overnight stays with 2.2 million overnight stays (+9.1 percent). The strongest markets remain the US with 302,951 overnight stays (+6.8 per cent) and China with 166,285 overnight stays (+9.3 per cent), which in turn took second place ahead of the UK with 162,958 overnight stays (+15 per cent).

The number of overnight stays by travelers from Asia, such as India (+17.7 percent) and Japan (+7.8 percent), also continued to develop dynamically. The number of overnight stays from major European main markets is rising again compared to last year. France (+12.42 percent), Italy (+17.2 percent), Spain (+21.1 percent), the Netherlands (+8.6 percent), Austria (+11.59 percent) are developing very well. But the Southeast European markets of Hungary (+ 52.2%), Bulgaria (+ 34.2%) and Romania (+ 18.5%) are also growing fast.

The outlook for the second half of the year is very optimistic for Mayor Peter Feldmann and Thomas Feda. This half-year result is an outstanding basis, above all with regard to the difficult global security and economic policy conditions. Both expect growth of three to four percent for the full year 2018.


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