Frankfurt am Main, 07. August 2018 (tcf). "The cider is one of the region's special cultural heritage, it is a living tradition and is based on craftsmanship," said Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann at the presentation of this year's cider festival. "The Frankfurt Cider Festival offers a wonderful opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the national drink in all its variations in a summery atmosphere right in the heart of the Main metropolis." Frankfurt am Main will be celebrating the apple wine festival 2018 on the Roßmarkt from 10 to 19 August. The official opening by deputy Markus Frank takes place on August 10, at 6 pm.
"The real highlight this year is the coronation of the Frankfurt cider queen on Friday, the 17th of August on the program. I'm curious to see who, after Bianca I, will climb the Frankfurt Ebbelweithron for the next two years and represent our national drink far beyond the borders of Frankfurt and Hesse. "Feldmann is pleased.
Together with the wineries, a varied stage program was put together. "From Hessian dialect to comedy everything is there and above all a lot of live music", emphasized Thomas Feda, Managing Director of Tourismus + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main. Cider is not only a fresh and tasty drink, but is also strongly associated with sociability, cosiness and tradition. "Our Ebbelwei is an important brand building block for Frankfurt and the entire FrankfurtRhineMain region and our international guests appreciate it very much if they do not sit alone at the large tables in a long-established Ebbelweikneipe, but quickly find a connection", explained Thomas Feda.
A highlight will be this year again the awarding of the "Golden Apple". Initiators of the honorary prize, which is awarded annually for special commitment to the protection and preservation of Hessian orchards, are the Nature Conservation Academy Hessen, MGH Gut aus Hessen GmbH and the Association of Hessian Cider and Fruit Juice Manufacturers e.V. (14 August). Orchard meadows characterize the Hessian cultural landscape and are home to countless animal and plant species. So if you drink cider, ensures that the orchard meadows are used intensively and thus contributes to the preservation. "The winegrowers expect a good harvest this year, however, and this is due to the long-lasting heat, the apples fall out this year small. Nevertheless, they will be full in taste and make a good cider, "said Martin Heil, Chairman of the Association of Hessian Cider and Fruit Juice Keltereien e. V, concluding.


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