In 2017, 5.6 million guests stayed in Frankfurt am Main, an increase of 7.7%. These generated 9.5 million overnight stays (+ 8.4%), providing lodges with more nights than ever before.

"For eight years we can announce one overnight record after the other. The forecasted 9 million mark could actually be cracked despite the difficult global security and economic policy conditions, "said Mayor Peter Feldmann. Together with Thomas Feda, Managing Director of the Tourism + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main (TCF), he published the urban guest and accommodation statistics 2017. Feldmann emphasized: "The good results confirm the investments in the tourism industry. It is an enormously important image and economic factor for our city. "

"Positive results from almost all source markets are a great confirmation of our work," said tourism chief Feda. "Big congresses and fairs, thriving businesstravel and a successful Leisuregusiness brought us absolute dream results."

Both in the domestic market with 3.2 million guests (+ 10.7%) and 5.4 million overnight stays (+ 11.5%) as well foreign market With 2.4 million guests (+ 3.7%) and 4.2 million overnight stays (+ 4.6%), peak values ​​were achieved.

A cumulative total of 1.1 million guests (+ 4.7%) from the European markets generated 1.9 million overnight stays (+ 4%). Important European source marketssuch as Italy (172,370 overnights, + 3.5%), Spain (175,798 overnights, + 4,7%) and France (146,257 overnights, + 12,4%) are seeing significant growth. The strongest European source market with 301,267 overnight stays (+ 2%) remains the UK.

The Overseas markets The Asian region also generated strong growth in 2017. With a total of 2.3 million overnight stays (+ 4.2%) from overseas, the US is the largest source market with 605,680 overnight stays (+ 4.7%). This is followed by Chinese guests with 313,924 overnight stays (+ 1.7%). "This leaves China the second most important foreign source market in the second year, ahead of Great Britain," said Feda.

The Frankfurt hotel market is one of the fastest growing in Europe. With 280 accommodation providers (+ 9) and 51,815 beds (+ 4.9%), the supply continued to increase in 2017 as well. "The growth potential is still present in the medium term. In 2017, demand for overnight accommodation again exceeded the supply of beds, "explained the mayor. Bed occupancy rose at 50.5% (+ 3.3%). The length of stay has also increased slightly to 1.7 days.

"For 2018, we expect solid growth of 3%." Feda predicted. "That would bring us closer to the 10 million mark in overnight stays," the mayor said finally.


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