For three days, Frankfurt will be celebrating its new Old Town, the DomRömer Quarter. The prelude will be an official ceremony in the Paulskirche. The entire opening program is divided into two stages and many decentralized venues in and around the neighborhood. Nearby museums and institutions participate in special exhibitions, discussions and concerts. The German Museum of Architecture (DAM) shows in the exhibition "Die immer Neue Altstadt. Building between cathedral and Romans since 1900 "(22.09.2018 – 03.03.2019) the urban development of the area and will take the debate on reconstruction in the view.

On the stages on Römerberg and on the banks of the Main, there are music and theater performances in the program. Sometimes modern, sometimes funny, sometimes classic, sometimes surprising. From the opera aria to the modern pop number, the spectrum is wide-ranging. On Friday and Saturday evening the program ends with a spectacular staging.

Background: In the city center of Frankfurt once stretched one of the most beautiful and largest coherent medieval half-timbered towns in the country. During the Second World War, this was almost completely destroyed. With the DomRömer-Quartier, a construction project unique in Europe, Frankfurt now gets back part of its history. On the historical ground plans, the "new old town" was built between the imperial cathedral and the Romans. With old materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail old town houses were reconstructed. Some jewels that were saved during the bombing in 1944 came back to their old place. It created 15 reconstructions of historic buildings and 20 contemporary new buildings, which take up the typical style elements of Frankfurt's Old Town. The old streets and squares can be found again on around 7,000 square meters and, as in the past, there will also be small shops and restaurants in the neighborhood next to apartments. In addition, the Struwwelpetermuseum and a museum belonging to the Frankfurt dialect poet Friedrich Stoltze will move into new premises in the Old Town. The history and the present of the city meet here.

The new Old Town will be an absolute gem and is an impressive example of Frankfurt's urban development. Already, you can virtually stroll through the streets and explore the future city life (

Starting in April, the Tourismus + Congress GmbH Frankfurt am Main (TCF) will be launching new tours in the city tour program around the new Old Town: "Frankfurter Strangenesses – Enigmatic, Curious and Hidden Places around Frankfurt's Old Town" and "Stories Tell – History and Stories Frankfurt or Frankfurt for advanced ". The tours are offered to groups in various languages ​​and deal with the changeable history, the tolerant attitude and the resourcefulness of the Frankfurters on the one hand and with façade figures and building sculptures on the other hand.

From June 2018, when the construction fences at the DomRömer Quartier have fallen, it finally goes into the new old town. Then start the public old town tours. The tours through the winding streets and along the coronation path are offered daily in German and English. Tickets are available online and at the Tourist Information Römer.

For private travelers and groups, the TCF has also arranged weekend arrangements and program modules.


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