In the Main metropolis, there are many beautiful places to stay while enjoying the highest coffee enjoyment. Because, as diverse as the city is, so are the cafes: traditional, international, original, experimental! And yet they all have one thing in common – the quality is right. The gastronomy magazine "Feinschmeckers" selects in its current edition the 525 best places to eat cake and drink coffee all over Germany. Frankfurt's gastro scene does not have to hide.

For more than 100 years, the family of Luise Wacker stands for the finest coffee enjoyment and is the first coffee house in Frankfurt's history. Thus, this small shop is seen as a Frankfurt original or as an institution of the Main metropolis. The Wackers Café is also known with its own roasting across the city limits. Well over 40 different coffees and espressos are roasted there. With the beans one attaches great importance to fair trade.

Another long-established Frankfurt coffee rooster is the coffee roaster Wissmüller. In the middle of the shopping street "Leipziger Straße" is a quaint café, the star. The sales room is nostalgically furnished with coffee spouts, a big old trolley and mill. Visitors sit at small tables that decorate coffee sacks as tablecloths. In the summer you can enjoy fresh coffee in the picturesque courtyard.

Surrounded by interesting coffees and sweet treats, you can only shine with happiness as a guest in lucky coffee. Special highlight: Owner Martina Rönn offers two coffee blends as well as one wild coffee, the so called Kaffa. This grows outside on trees and is collected by farmers themselves. There are delicacies such as Bacci, a kind of Italian Ferrero pecking with hazelnuts, almond biscuits, tartufo, pistachio cookies and much more.

At the Naschmarkt at the cathedral guests escape the big city bustle. On the ground floor you can sit comfortably on classic coffee house chairs, in the Viennese tradition. It gets really cuddly on the upper floor, which is decorated with French upholstered armchairs in delicate pink and pink tones. Southern atmosphere with a touch of the Côte d'Azure, the garden exudes. No matter where you sit, visitors should get the best of what international coffee culture has to offer: from classic Italian espresso to specialty snacks, a coffee with cream, Frankfurter Kranz liqueur and brittle. American, Affogato, Cortado or Chai Latte.

Entering the premises of The Espresso Bar, you feel instantly transported to another time: Welcome to the 20s! This is partly due to the interior design with great attention to detail, but also to the baristas themselves. Perfectionism and enjoyment are the top priority, for this reason there is a. u. only a small, but fine selection of coffee variations. There are also homemade treats in the assortment, for example the Portuguese specialty Pastel de Nata.

The Aniis is a rather inconspicuous pearl in the east of Frankfurt and is only a few meters away from the new ECB. Guests will find a cozy café with an African flair. Whether you opt for latte macchiato, cappuccino or one of the many dripped coffee variants, the palate will always be delighted. There are also outdoor seating areas to have breakfast or a homemade lunchtime snack. The Moroccan-inspired cuisine attaches great importance to vegan and little meat to process.

In the IIMORI Patisserie, French-Japanese delicacies merge to sweet treats. Anyone who likes extraordinary products is in good hands here. The in-house bakery conjures up some exotic cakes and tarts. Of course, there are also specialties with green tea flavor. There is also a nice selection of teas and coffees. The tastefully decorated patisserie is sweet decorated with beautiful period furniture.

The café in the Liebieghaus is an idyllic and art-loving place to stay. The interior convinces with a cozy fireplace room, medieval-looking vaults and wingback chairs in front of a magnificent fireplace. A relaxed dip is also possible in the beautiful courtyard of the museum café, which is reminiscent of Italy. Popular classics on the menu include cakes and quiches.

Tip: For a cup of coffee is the best known Frankfurt pastries: The Frankfurt wreath, consisting of alternating layers of biscuit rings, butter cream and currant jelly. The finished wreath is garnished with brittle and decorated with crème bonnet and cocktail cherries.


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